About the game

Sudoku is a numerical square puzzle that is very popular nowadays. In translation from Japanese sudoku means “a number put separately”. Some people call it “a magical square”.


Game description

So, what is sudoku? We will explain it in a few words. Sudoku game field is a square, divided in 9 equal squares. Each of these squares contains 9 cells, 3 at each side. Therefore, the whole field contains 81 cells.

Choosing the difficulty level, you influence the initial game conditions. The higher is the difficulty, the fewer cells are filled with numbers (from 1 to 9).

We suggest you more than 50 thousands of various sudoku online, which will help you save on buying newspapers, magazines, paper, pencils, rubbers…

You may choose any of five suggested sudoku difficulty levels: easy, average, difficult, very difficult or professional. Don’t worry, even if you start from the easy level, you can become a professional one day.

Compete with other players in the skill and speed of sudoku solving and climb to the top of the rating.

Of course, you also need to read the rules of sudoku game.

Interesting facts

Bertram Felgenhauer figured out that a number of combinations for a standard sudoku of size 9x9 is 6,670,903,752,021,073,000,000.

According to new data, the number of combinations has been recalculated and now is 47,784,725,839,872,000 = (9!)³.

In June 2008 the Australian court stopped the hearing on the case of drugs worth over $1 000 000. It was revealed that five out of twelve juries were playing sudoku instead of listening to the testimony.

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