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How to play sudoku online?

First choose the difficulty level and the type of sudoku you would like to play, then choose the mode of sudoku solving.

To start playing sudoku online, you only have to press the “Start game” button.

While solving Sudoku you can rapidly switch between modes. Choose the background color (dark or light) and the size of sudoku field.

Begin with easy Sudoku, gradually improving your skill.

After solving sudoku, press “Check solution”.

How to play sudoku online?

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How to play for rating?

To become included in the rating you only need to spend a few seconds to register.

After registration each solved sudoku will earn you points. They will help to improve your level as a player.

The higher is your level and the more points you have earned playing sudoku online, the higher is your rating position.

Apart from the main rating of all players, we also have a rating for 24 hours. It shows players with the largest number of sudoku solved within 24 hours.

How to play for rating?

If you find it difficult to understand how to begin solving sudoku

Are you a newcomer in solving sudoku online? Or do you have difficulty in solving sudoku? We recommend you to visit the page “Sudoku rules” and then watch the instructional video.

We have prepared a section with sudoku terminology and some basic algorithms for solving which are useful even for difficult sudoku puzzles.

You can ask all your questions on our forum. For example, “How to solve this sudoku?”, “Can I pause sudoku during the game?”, “How are my points counted after solving sudoku?”.

We also recommend you to look through our section “Questions and answers” where the main problems with solving sudoku are listed.

If you find it difficult to understand how to begin solving sudoku