General sudoku rating

Everybody knows that in any competition it’s not only the participation that matters, but also the victory. In our case there are lots of victories. From solving a simple sudoku to making your country the leader of the rating.

In the general rating we have first sorted all the players by their level, and then by points. It means that the higher is your level and the more points you have earned, the higher is your position in the general player rating.

Obviously, you will get more points for solving complex sudoku than for solving simple ones. Each difficulty level has its own points multiplier coefficient:

The description of rating formula

And now we are going to tell you in detail about the formula of counting points after solving sudoku:

B = K * (D / (0.01 + T / 3600))

Points are rounded to thousandths and added up to the points earned by a player.

About the country rating

The rating doesn’t contain all countries existing – it only shows those stated by our players. The minimal limit equals 5 residents (meaning that at least five people have to choose this country). But this is not all. Newcomers cannot influence the rating of the country chosen. You have to play a certain amount of games (solve sudoku and earn points) to have your statistics included.

The country rating is recalculated once a day late at night.

But these are not all our brainchildren. A bit later we will form statistics at each difficulty level and a separate table of sudoku solving records.